About Us

Enovec was established, and guided by the principles of Human Capital in 2014, with the purpose of providing state-of-the-art communication solutions to businesses. We’re an Audio Visual System Integrator specialising in Unified Communications where silo systems are magically connected through our touch. Set up by like-minded technologists, Enovec drives technology understanding with our prospects and prides ourselves with “For-customer” attitude where projects are designed, and implemented according to a balance of customer’s reachability and desires. Through rigorous devotion, Enovec has branched further into office IT to provide as a One-Stop Solution powerhouse.

One-Stop Solution
Workplace Communication

Our Mission

To maintain adequacy in technology trends and know-how so as to elevate workplace communications through connected technologies based on our customers' reachability and desire.

Our Vision

We aspire to connect, unify and inspire the business world with state-of-the-art Unified Communications Solutions and Digital Workplace Injection.

Our Purpose

As a System Integrator, we orchestrate a progressive tomorrow for your business and we do it through an intentional listening.

Our Promise

As a visionary, we will continue relentlessly to pursure greater success through professionalism, synergy and excellence.

Our Principles

Human Capital - To place Enovators as the top priority and groom the next generation as business continue to bloom.
Customer Centric - To place customers in beneficial situations to fulfil a positive experience with Enovec.

We make business better by delivering our solutions



Always identify customer’s pain points and the plus points of existing environment. This is to ensure the best value out of every installation, keeping feasibility and futureproofing in mind.



Collaboration of Ideas between Enovec and customer. This includes audio-visual considerations, system design schematics, workflow planning, feasibility and futureproofing test.



Project planning and management in unison with customer’s availability. Project deployed by dedicated engineers, project manager and account manager to ensure best in class handover.



Engineers and project managers made available to see through project with rectification work for a limited period of time post installation. Maintenance services is offered as an option.

Our Team

Andrew G. Tan

Managing Director, CTS certified

Andrew is one of the pioneers in the Audio Visual and UCaaS industry with over 20 years of experience. He strives to be able to lead change amid conventional situations, in the most innovative and disruptive manner. Backed by his on-the-ground experience of sales management and technical know-how, he developed an impeccable portfolio in Audio Visual, Unified Communications, Video Conferencing, Video Streaming, Voice over IP, Network Solution Design and Implementations and more. With a mind sharper than a razor, Andrew has since honed an incredibly strong business acumen, leading Enovec to greater success.

Sze Boon Chia

Operations Director

Sze Boon, or some who call him “professor”, continues to pursue his hands-on philosophy albeit being in the high ranks of the company. With over 15 years of experience in Audio Visual and UCaaS, Sze Boon is undoubtedly one of the most talented engineers in the industry. As he continues his passion in the technical realm focusing on programming, training and support, he is also gifted with a knack for business operations where he puts his skills of process management, workflow planning, alignment of goals and execution of strategies to the test.

Vincent How

Technical Director, BEE Certified

Vincent, a Master in Audio Integration, has been through over 20 years of rain and storm in the Audio Visual and UCaaS industry. His resume is decorated with accreditation from technology giants and participation in national events such as Singapore’s National Day Parade. A trusted and reliable member of the industry, he continues to lead the new generation to expand the horizon of Audio Visual and UCaaS, not forgetting to fuel the passion in the industry. He is one of the few that is Tesira Forte Building Education Experience (BEE) Certified.

Ian Tan

Sales Strategist

Ian is the epitome of sales-reliability. With over 15 years of experience in Audio Visual and UCaaS, he is a master of the art of persuasion. Ian never resorts to pushy or aggressive tactics, instead, he listens intently to his clients’ needs and concerns, and then works tirelessly to find the perfect solution for them. He is a true people person, with a natural ability to build rapport and establish trust. His clients know that when Ian is on the case, they can rest assured that they will get the results they need with ease.

Able Liew

HOD, Business Development

Able is a strategic thinker with a proven track record of success through his arsenal of creative growth tactics. With over 20 years of experience in Audio Visual, Able is a versatile visionary who continues to lead teams in the field, building sustainable and scalable businesses across Asia Pacific. A natural leader, he set sights into the skies with purposefully curated strategic implementations that saw him break a Guinness World Record. He continues a hot passion to pursue IoT, Unified Communications, SaaS, AI and Digital Transformation.

Jason Sim

HOD, Marketing

Jason is a critical thinker with an unmatched flair in creatives. With over 7 years of experience in Strategic Marketing, he sees the bigger picture to execute on-the-ground marketing activities that are steps ahead. He is highly analytical, and is capable of identifying actionable insights to empower business growth through Alliance, Branding and Sales. His refined relationship building skills, adaptability, resourcefulness and inquisitiveness amplified his effectiveness in shining the spotlight amongst the crowded marketplace. He would be your asset in creating a compelling narrative for partnerships.

Awards & Accreditation