Shaping The Visionary Workplace Your Employees Will Love

Beared the brunt of poor employee performance over the past 2 turbulent years? Now is the time to revamp and upgrade the way you work! Break out from the traditional workplace norm and get ready for the more versatile and adaptable hybrid work solution your employees will desire!

Research from Microsoft shed a revelation on workplace goals: over 65% of employees want a fusion of telecommute and on-site work cooperation. Exploiting this outlook to become an adaptable business will be absolutely advantageous on employee productiveness and contentness in the post-COVID workplace. Failure to act will result in missed opportunities for employee commitment and success.

Reconceptualizing The Workplace

Over the past year, no area has undergone more rapid transformation than the way we work. Employee expectations are changing, and we will need to define productivity much more broadly […] All this needs to be done with flexibility in when, where, and how people work.” — Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella in the annual 2021 Work Trend Index

Thankfully, organizations are perceptive to change the way they work. Up to now, 66% of business shareholders are contemplating the restructure of their office premises to a more responsive hybrid workplace. Amid the ever-changing COVID-19 regulations, the transition to remote work uplifted employees’ relationships as everyone was connected in the same online workspace. Progressing to a hybrid workspace grants employees more adaptability to work whenever and wherever they want! Explore your hybrid workspace solutions with Enovec!

Refresh Your Business Culture With Hybrid Workspace

Blend hybrid workspace into your work lifestyle: a flexible work strategy where staff members can choose to work at their office desks, telecommute or divide their working hours between the two. This revamped work arrangement aims to bolster departmental productiveness and individual satisfaction while cutting down on real estate expenses and safeguarding employee safety during the pandemic.

Bracing Resilience Amidst The Pandemic

“Building Resilience & Maintaining Innovation in a Hybrid World”, Microsoft Whitepaper, 2020

Back in 2019, 85% of business directors did not invoke flexible work opportunities. A year later, this number has declined to 24%. Remarkably, 82% of business stakeholders reveal that their productivity was just as equally fruitful as pre-pandemic when their employees work remotely. This valuable insight enlightens business leaders on how well their workers can perform in two distinctly diverse working environments.

Working away from the office allows employees greater flexibility to allocate and utilize their time better. These employees can opt for their own preferred working hours, and be fully engaged to their job without unwanted disturbances of the conventional 9-5 environment. Workers reported various perks associated with telecommuting, ranging from possessing a personalized work desk and designating more time for their families and interests.

While staff members feel enjoyment in virtual working, they feel detached from team unity and miss out on their company’s culture. For this reason, hybrid working necessitates employees to operate in the office environment. This innovative approach allows for idea contributions and greater cooperation among team members. When fully integrated with Enovec’s all-inclusive hybrid working solutions, your employees will take joy in performing their best at work!

Multiple Touchpoints With Rendezvous

In partnership with NFS Technology, Enovec is honored to offer a one-stop solution to address the growing concerns of employee safety while providing unlimited building access and available space for work-related purposes. Individuals who intend to operate in the office can utilize the Rendezvous app as a desk booking software to select their designated workspace with the touch of their fingertips. The seamless connectivity allows the integration of Application-Programming Interfaces to other online avenues that form an extensive user experience from meeting room arrangements, booking of audio-visual equipment and ordering event refreshments.

As a robust conference room booking system, the Rendezvous app facilitates employees to secure their meeting rooms with greater accessibility. Online conferences have never been easier with its seamless integration with major video conferencing platforms of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco TelePresence Management Suite and Skype. Team members can join the virtual meeting environment with the slightest disruptions through a single navigation button on the app. When the Rendezvous app registers your meeting room booking, it is self-programmed to sync with your corporate Google and Outlook calendars. To allow for better control of your conferences, any modifications made in the app are automatically reflected in the attendees’ calendars.

In addition, the Rendezvous application synchronizes real-time data to provide team members genuine information of workplace occupancy for their corporate functions. From the reservation of important conferences, confirmation of attending guests and booking of event refreshments, Rendezvous is your preferred solution for workplace management.

Rethink Virtual Conferences With All-Inclusive Logitech Rally Solution

As an authorized partner with Logitech, Enovec is honored to offer a diverse array of audio and visual hardware solutions to optimize your virtual meeting room experience. Logitech’s most advanced RightSenseTM telecommunication concept allows for seamless and smooth virtual conferences for effective partnerships.

Visualize all present attendees at your meeting space flawlessly with Logitech Rally RightSightTM solution: an automatically-controlled video camera that simultaneously adjusts and fine-tunes the optical lens and wide-angle to include all participating team members in your online conference landscape. You can be confident that the seamless virtual connectivity will be indistinguishable from ordinary, uninterrupted face-to-face communication your employees will love.

Offering original and exquisite Logitech RightSoundTM audio signal processing technology that deliver excellent acoustics to virtual meetings. Innovatively engineered to identify human vocalization, the RightSoundTM device minimizes unnecessary background sounds and concentrates on the articulation of the active spokesperson with great perceptibility and quality. Its highly sophisticated speech sensor can even automatically amplify the volume of indistinct human speech so every opinion can be heard.

Make everyone shine in your virtual space with Logitech RightLightTM technology. The most revolutionary solution that can deliver exceptional and authentic impressions of every guest present, regardless of environmental backlighting. Ingeniously pioneered to prioritize the faces of all participants, the RightLightTM webcam system creates excellent image quality by diminishing unwanted video sounds, optimizes brightness contrast and calibrates colour intensity for online guests to experience the real, human presence through a single online video platform.

Accelerate Your Business Productivity With Enovec

Although hybrid working is becoming increasingly popular as COVID-19 draws on, corporate leaders need to consider long-term and worthwhile solutions to empower employee productivity at the office while enabling their workers the luxury of remote working.

Our receptive and responsive team at Enovec is your one-stop solution to address both concerns. Taking advantage of Enovec’s wide-range of merchandise and services will assure you that overall productivity will not be compromised when team members return to the office.

Enovec’s team of audio visual experts aim to cater auditory and multimedia solutions that fulfill the sound and vision demands for our business clients and other legislative-related organizations in various industries of education, healthcare and the armed forces.

We believe that personalized consultations and negotiation with a customer-focused strategy in mind is the leading approach to meet our clients’ requirements. We offer a full-suite of hardware and software solutions, from digital workspace management to delivering unified communication services for leading video conferencing platforms. We feel dignified to assist businesses manage their workplaces efficiently and customize their meeting spaces with state-of-the-art Logitech technology to ensure perfect and continuous virtual communication.

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