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Productivity with Security: The Complete AV & IT Combination

Complete AV & IT Combination
VerticalFinancial Sector, REITs
CompanyOne of most enduring REITs organisation with a strong history over 40 years of establishment.
Problem StatementAs a financial holding, auditing and risk analysis are their bread and butter. Their presence extends outside of Singapore into the Asia Pacific region, as such, they require visual and audio equipment that could help them in studying numbers and communicate clearly.
Solutions ImplementedVideo Conference & Workstation Optimisation
[1] Boardroom
[1] Brainstorm Room
[1] IT Migration & Management
[3] Facial Recognition Door Access
[13] SIP Phones Integration

About the Project

Moving into the future, it comes as no surprise to renovate the office. Especially with the pandemic moving into the endemic era, organisations start to suggest a return to office policy. For that to happen, it is essential to get the office ready. For a financial holding, the importance of efficiency, effectiveness and comfort are necessary to eliminate any negligence caused by unnecessary tasks. In this project, we managed a full integration of 2 rooms – the Boardroom and a Brainstorm room.

Boardroom Space

Taking into consideration that having quick responses for such industry is critical, we proposed solutions that reduces the number of activation steps. For example, we looked into the entire office journey, even to the average age of the employees so that implementations could be easily grasped.

Hence, we delivered:

IT Management

Meeting Spaces
FR Door Access
SIP Integration

The Approach

Understanding the demographics, current systems, and the expectations:

Boardroom, a space for the officials to make confidential decisions would typically require the most state-of-the-art equipment. Simply put, a single misinformed communication could cost irreversible damage. However, it is important to also note that the employees are not technically trained. Therefore, we implemented a solution that is straightforward, and content rich from whichever seats they are in.

Brainstorm Rooms
Brainstorm Rooms

Brainstorm Rooms are spaces that accommodates a up to 6 pax and typically used for conceptualising or a quick meet. These are locations that do not necessarily require video conferencing but would still need to have some form of communication. In this case, we built up easy to connect content sharing with a tool that communicates with people outside of the room.

Office IT and Environment was one of the toughest scopes of work as it entails an entire spectrum from Door Access to Backend Security systems. These would need to be integrated with the meeting spaces to enable an effective workplace. To make efficiency the priority while not neglecting security, we implemented:

Why Enovec?

That’s a question that we’re prepared to answer!
Interestingly …

Owing the credits to Enovec’s digital presence, the customer approached Enovec through our website and was quickly arranged by the team for a F2F session. Enovec opened the conversation with detailed consultation on their needs and wants, current environment and expectations. With a total office revamp in sight, Enovec moved promptly to site visit, analysis, AV/UC and IT design with in-office demonstration to showcase the feasibility of proposal. As the only system integrator that provides a one-stop solution, Enovec was awarded.

Here’s why!

Integrated Components

Integrated Components

Ready to make YOUR workplace a greater place to work?

Let Enovec join your expedition:

Words from Enovec’s Team

Enovec is an Audio-Visual house and as the project entails IT infrastructure and access, we involved our partners as co-pilots to deliver a one-stop office solution, bringing convenience to the customer. Cooperation from every party was remarkable, which translated into a coordinated and successful implementation. Customers are pleased with our work ethics, professionalism, and installation.

Enovec in a Nutshell

Enovec integration place
Enovec is where integration takes place.

It’s where silo ideas are integrated into a fully functional solution that brings technology into the control of the people. We develop the desire to communicate and collaborate for the best of workplaces.

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