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Rendezvous is the complete solution for managing and fully utilising workspaces. Watch how it effective the solution is for your office!

The solution is capable of Desk Management . Office Planning . Meeting Room Bookings . Video Conferencing . Visitor Management . Carpark Reservations . Food & Beverages Orders . And other Customisable Buttons!


Hot Desking

The aim of hotdesking is to introduce a more collaborative space for employees where they can choose where they would like to be seated on the particular day. It is an organisational workspace system that maximises space efficiency while reducing financial cost by giving up redundant spaces or transforming into a more practical environment. Hotdesking can be implemented in any office spaces, and the flexibility offered is often linked to the employees’s increase in loyalty and innovation to the company. The system ultimately is targeted to encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration, boosting a positive workspace that employees are comfortable in.

Mobile Application

In 3 clicks and the booking would be done. At the office, simply check in and out with a zero touch approach. Be rest assured about the desk condition because the mobile application even tells you about the cleanliness status and who was there before you. Watch the video to find out more on how you can locate your colleagues!

Meeting Room Bookings

Rendezvous is a leading meeting room booking software solution. It is easy to use with an intuitive drag and drop interface users can book meetings, catering, AV services and car parking in a few clicks. Seamless integration to Outlook/Exchange and Office 365 ensures that everyone is kept up to date – automatically.

Quick Book

With our mobile-first QuickBook interface, today’s agile workers can book a room in moments and for corporate PAs it saves them hours every week. Desk, room, and services bookings all in one, serving and efficient management of space in the matter of minutes.

Room digital signage

Complete syncing with your bookings to highlight the room’s status, outside of the meeting room.


Booking a room is simple but find- ing the room might take time. With Rendezvous, you can be guided to find the direction you are heading to.

Floorplan based

Speaking of agile working, Rendezvous is an efficient desk book- ing software solution. With an easy-to-use mobile app and with floorplan-based booking, users can locate and book their desks in less than a minute.

Visitor Management

Attendees of your meeting gets real-time and accurate information. Link it up with your front desk and you would be in for a treat.

Open API Platform

Rendezvous is built for integration. With an open API it becomes a key component of your technology toolkit. Rendezvous integrates with:

  • Sensor technology

  • Desk panels

  • QR codes

  • RFID

  • Beacon technology

  • Digital signage

  • Visitor management software

  • Access control system

The Rendezvous platform is fully hardware agnostic. You can future proof and extend the capabilities of your existing hardware or purchase new hardware with the confidence that it will work seamlessly. The choice is yours.


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