We believe in consultation before any project should begin. This free of charge extra step could potentially save you thousands of dollars into the project because we would be proposing you what you really need instead of what you think you need. We value the sincerity to a business tie, hence we want to do extra to make sure you’re in the right hands.


Purchasing for a one-time event may be too much of an investment and more than often, the same equipment is only used the next year or even becoming a white elephant. We are proud of our work and neither do we want to see our work be stored in the storage without seeing the light.

We rent: Video Conference, Projection Systems and Unified Communications Device. Not to forget, we include integration for your event such as Live performance, townhall meetings, exhibitions and more.


As system integrators, we diagnose, plan and propose. Ultimately, we do the installation as well since we know best what the proposal is about. We have inhouse audio consultant, and engineers and CTS certified members to best install, tune and deliver for you. This is why we are experts in the field and trusted by many partners and customers.


Systems are meant to be installed and forgotten – not by us but by you. We encourage maintenance because systems are always updating, data are always moving and hardware are always depreciating. Maintenance help you to monitor the performance, be up-to-date and ensure that your operations are not impacted.


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