Lost out on employee productivity during COVID-19? Now it’s time to re-assess and re-design the way we work deviating from the traditional office boardroom culture to a more hybrid and adaptable work arrangement.

Research from Gartner reveals that 73% of employees surveyed want to invest only 1 day in office each week. Without versatility in harnessing valuable opportunities, consequences it would have on productivity and job satisfaction would be unimaginable.

Redefining The Workspace

Fortunately, businesses are highly adaptable. To date, more than 66% of businesses are considering the conversion to a hybrid workspace.

Additionally, a CoreNet study also forecasted that at least half of businesses in the Central Business District are projected to reduce their carbon footprint significantly over the course of the next 2 years.

Amid the uncertainty of changing restrictions, the hybrid working strategy allows for effective collaboration and development of ideas and knowledge among colleagues. From fostering better relationships with internal teams and external customers to optimising the workplace, this article aims to delve into how Rendezvous can be your one-stop solution for enhancing the workspace.

Revamping The Workspace with Hot Desking

Hybridising your workspace with hot desking: a desk-sharing solution where staff members can use any available workstation on an ad-hoc basis instead of a permanent desk. This workspace arrangement aims to optimise workspace capacity by cultivating team effort and maintaining overall productivity while scaling down on capital expenditure.

How Does Rendezvous Integrate Multiple Touchpoints?

The enforcement of hybrid working gives rise to concerns of employee safety, building access and space availability amidst coronavirus safety precautions. Technology with NFS Technology addresses these issues, with the Rendezvous app as a desk booking system that can be used by individuals who are planning to work in the office. It also enables API integrations to multiple other platforms that forms a holistic user journey such as booking of meeting rooms, audio-visual equipment and food and beverages for the occasion.

Employees using this app are required to complete an online questionnaire prior to arrival to confirm health status. Once successful, the visitor is emailed a QR code for contactless entry into the building. Upon arrival at the workstation, employees are required to scan another QR code using the Rendezvous app to confirm check-in. In the event of a no-show, the workspace is automatically vacated for others who need it more.

The Rendezvous app is also a meeting room booking software. Utilising real-time data from sensor technology provides corporate workers accurate information of office occupancy for efficient space management to suit their business needs.

Supercharge Into The Hybrid Era With Enovec

Although hybrid working is becoming more popular, employers need to consider meaningful options that enable flexibility among employee schedules, and optimising workspaces for productivity and performance.

From selecting the modus operandi for your video conferencing, to the audio installations in your meeting room and ensuring a smooth sharing of common workstations, integrating your workspace can be a huge challenge especially when there is a vast array of solutions available.

At Enovec, we provide a one-stop business solution to help employees stay connected and reach out to customers professionally through our video conferencing solutions. We pride ourselves in customising your digital workspace to ensure seamless audible and visible communication.

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