Molding The Future of Hybrid Working

Frustrated with how hybrid working divides your employees? Now is the moment to revitalize the way you communicate! Diverge from traditional methods of workplace communication and prepare yourself to seize the privileges of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) your employees will love!

“90% of HR Leaders Will Allow Employees To Work Remotely Even After COVID-19 Vaccine Is Available”, Gartner Newsroom Press Release, December 2020

Research from Gartner revealed that 90% of Human Resource directors have arranged for their employees to telecommute part of the time while 65% of these leaders revealed that they are willing to accommodate flexible work arrangements even after the COVID-19 vaccination is widely integrated. Exploiting this opportunity as an all-purpose employer to stay connected with employees will be advantageous to steer through the unpredictability of hybrid working while energizing productivity and satisfaction of the team.

Transform Your Hybrid Workspace With Enovec

At Enovec, we believe in the continuous integration of communication and collaboration strategies into a single complementary solution known as Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). It is defined as the merger of a diverse range of communication media by a single service provider for businesses to operate. Previously, businesses had to rely on various vendors to accommodate their expanding business communication needs; a distributor for video teleconferences while another provider for electronic mail. With technological expansion, UCaaS imparts an all-in-one solution that encompasses virtual voice and video conferences, email, text correspondence and content distribution for employers to collaborate more closely with their employees.

Enovec is your multi-service solution to streamline the vendor management methodology. Not only do we offer industry-leading consumer resources to spur productivity at work, we also pride ourselves with the seamless execution and maintenance of these solutions to foster greater collaboration of ideas for businesses as a whole.

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Integrate Wayfinding With Crestron’s Room Scheduler To Your Next Available Meeting Space

In today’s hybrid work environment, employees arrive and depart on an ad-hoc basis. To enhance the cohesive sharing of ideas and knowledge while ensuring that everyone is on schedule, it is crucial to integrate a conference room management system into your workspace.

Smooth your wayfinding experience to the next available meeting space with the Crestron Room Scheduler: the best-in-class management platform to enhance the practicability of your meeting rooms. Save time navigating your workplace and reserve your next desired meeting room wherever you may be with Crestron’s Room Scheduler!

Brilliantly-lit availability indicator signage and pathfinding indications guide your team and clients to the next available conference room professionally. Every team member is updated on the availability and roster of each conference room with attractive scheduling dashboards of the Crestron Room Scheduler situated outside each meeting space. In the event of no-show, the occupancy sensors in each conference space acquires real-time user data on room occupancy and instinctively updates the scheduling dashboard to display room vacancy for employees who require it more.

In addition, employers can access comprehensive real-time data on the usability of each meeting room to ensure that boardrooms are appropriately occupied and are fully operational for any business function.

Spark greater productivity with Crestron’s Room Scheduler today!

Revamp The Workspace With NFS Technology’s Hot Desking

In the hybrid workspace era, where employees are continuously on the move, office spaces should not be merely about providing a permanent workstation for all employees. Instead, hot desking is an office organization system that prompts staff members to use any available workstation whenever they require. The objective of this workspace strategy is to optimize workplace utilization by fostering greater team achievements and upholding overall productivity while minimizing real estate expenses.

In collaboration with NFS Technology to tackle the issues of space constraints amidst the coronavirus safety measures, the Rendezvous app is the hot desking management solution your staff members can take advantage of!

This desk booking solution ensures that employees who intend to work in the office are assured of a workstation. The Rendezvous application also features application programming interfaces that allow for seamless data sharing and connectivity between various platforms and systems to create a comprehensive user journey of conference room, multimedia and refreshment reservation for the event.

Before arriving at the office, employees are required to confirm the state of their health on the app’s online survey form. Once successfully submitted, the user is issued a Quick Response code electronically for contactless access into the building. Upon arrival at the workspace, staff members are recommended to check-in to the workstation to confirm attendance. In the event of no-show, the app automatically vacates and refreshes the status of the office station for those who require it more.

In addition, the Rendezvous application also acts as an adaptive conference room booking software, where team members can secure a boardroom beforehand at their own comfort. From reserving a specified time to the confirmation of attendees for the event, the mobile application system synchronizes details from real-time sensor technology to inform participants precise data of conference room usage for their business needs.

By harmonizing Rendezvous with major UCaaS avenues like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco TelePresence Management Suite and Skype together, it allows corporate employees situated in multiple venues to interconnect with one another in the same virtual meeting space with the slightest technical disruptions. The simultaneous updates of teleconferencing spaces in your Google and Outlook calendars ensure that any changes to the meeting room occupancy are refreshed immediately which allow for more practical management of your conferencing sessions.

Optimize your meeting room usage professionally with Rendezvous!

Advance Your Virtual Experience With Logitech

As a premium partner with Logitech, Enovec is acclaimed to offer the finest diversity of products and systems that suit any video conferencing purposes, from small-group collaboration to wide-scale virtual conferences. Logitech’s state-of-the-art telecommunication devices grant team members flawless and continuous conferences for constructive relationships virtually.

Portray all your team members at your next online conference professionally with the most sophisticated business web cameras from Logitech. Packed with avant-garde technology, the full suite of Logitech webcams consists of ultra 4K resolution that provides businesses with video conferencing superiority not found elsewhere! This exclusive range of professional business cameras ensure that all participants present their best image by automatically fine-tuning the field of view in any lighting condition, including in low and high contrast surroundings. Endorsed by our satisfied clients, you can be assured of meeting your guests online with ceaseless, sharp and superb ultra high resolution facial recognition your employees will love!

Unify your audio-visual solutions with Logitech!

Enovec is Your One-Stop Solution To Create The Workplace Your Employees Will Love!

Accommodating the hybrid work scheme to suit business demands have supported businesses to stay afloat during this period. Even as the COVID-19 pandemic wanes, employers remain convinced that hybrid working is here to stay.

We at Enovec are privileged to be well-respected by industry leaders to offer a harmonious merger of unified communications solutions to expand business efficiency. Complementing our client service orientation, Enovec has emerged as the leader in the unification and implementation of interactive multimedia systems and solutions from official partners of Crestron, NFS Technology and Logitech to upgrade and empower meaningful partnerships at your workplace!

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