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Inspiring Employees: The Blend of Video Conference and Workspace Optimisation

Video Conference And Workspace Optimisation
VerticalManufacturer, Optical
CompanyA strong standing Japanese Manufacturer with a rich history of over 80 years in the optical industry.
Problem StatementAs a global company that manufactures and distributes world-class optical lenses across the globe, their offices need to be well-connected, and even more so between employers and employees with Hybrid Working implementations.
Solutions ImplementedVideo Conference & Workstation Optimisation
[1] Boardroom
[1] Think Tank
[5] Huddle Rooms
[2] Phone Booths
[40] Workstations

About the Project

Organisations tend to renew their environment every couple of years, and they did just that. With a shift in office to revitalise the spirits of employees and motivate the return to office post pandemic, the project was formed. In particular for Enovec, the task was to implement effective communication channels facilitated by technology that promotes ergonomics, productivity and ease of use. This project is segmented into 2 categories – Video Conferencing & Workstation Optimisation.

Meeting Spaces

The key to productivity is to respond quickly yet logically. One of the ways to do so is to reduce the bottlenecks caused by complicated technologies. We deliver solutions that make sense and allow people to be in control.

In this project, we helped to inspire a total of:

Meeting Spaces

The Approach

Each room is fitted with high quality communication tools like the:

Boardrooms, where critical decisions are made, have added microphone expansion to ensure that voices are captured with the highest level of clarity. On the other end of the spectrum where employees are hosting their meetings as an individual, Logitech Docks are integrated into the phone booth pods.

Boardrooms in Office

In bid to encourage employees to return to office for better rapport, the decision to invest in workstation equipment was made. This included 40 sets of professional and ergonomic keyboard and mouse sets, packed with a palm rest each for comfort working. Having employees’ wellness in mind, this decision was impressive.

Why Enovec?

That’s a question that we’re prepared to answer!
Interestingly …

Owing the credits to Enovec’s digital presence, the customer approached Enovec through our website and was quickly arranged by the team for a F2F session. Enovec opened the conversation with detailed consultation on their needs and wants, current environment and expectations. With a total office revamp in sight, Enovec moved promptly to site visit, analysis, AV/UC and IT design with in-office demonstration to showcase the feasibility of proposal. As the only system integrator that provides a one-stop solution, Enovec was awarded.

Here’s why!

Integrated Components

Integrated Components

Ready to make YOUR workplace a greater place to work?

Let Enovec join your expedition:

Words from Enovec’s Team

Enovec is an Audio-Visual house and as the project entails IT infrastructure and access, we involved our partners as co-pilots to deliver a one-stop office solution, bringing convenience to the customer. Cooperation from every party was remarkable, which translated into a coordinated and successful implementation. Customers are pleased with our work ethics, professionalism, and installation.

Enovec in a Nutshell

Enovec integration place
Enovec is where integration takes place.

It’s where silo ideas are integrated into a fully functional solution that brings technology into the control of the people. We develop the desire to communicate and collaborate for the best of workplaces.

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