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Unified Communications

Boardroom video conferencing solutions require top-in-class integrators who are experienced in implementing a functional yet prestigious room. We are trusted to deploy video conference equipment into Microsoft Teams Room, Zoom Room and more with a meeting room booking solution; completing the full meeting experience.
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Microsoft Teams


There’s more ways to be a team with Microsoft teams. The solution features the capability to integrate applications and workflows for efficiency, file sharing and live editing, Teams Phone and a “together” mode that makes the virtual meeting feel like an actual room meeting.
  • Teams and Channels for trackable communication
  • Full Telephony meeting on desktop, laptop and your phone
  • Online video calling and screen sharing
Zoom Workspaces


Focused on making video and web conferencing frictionless, Zoom’s super app features a holistic set of applications ranging from zoom meeting rooms to zoom phone, application marketplace, webinars, events, zoom chat, workspace and more! Fun fact: Enovec was the first to implement a zoom room in Singapore!
  • Complete business communications ecosystem
  • End-to-end encryption meeting for extra protection
  • “Child’s play” user management - it is that easy
Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex

Webex by Cisco is a leading enterprise solution for video conferencing, online meetings, screen share, and webinars. One of the most reliable video conferencing services in the world for businesses, they provide highly secured integrated voice, video, and material sharing through the Cisco Webex Cloud. Cognitive collaboration tools like Webex Assistant and People Insights use artificial intelligence to automate meeting tasks.
  • Inclusivity: Power is a more inclusive way of working
  • Security: Optimize safety and security in a work-from-anywhere world.
  • Accessibility - a collaboration that works for everyone
Google Meet

Google Meet

Google Meet (formerly known as Hangouts Meet) is a video-communication service developed by Google. It is a video-chatting service designed primarily for business and office use. It's meant for use by businesses and other organizations, and it's a great way for colleagues who don't work in the same building or share a same workplace to communicate. Anyone on the call can see whatever the Google Meet organizer has open on their screen.
  • Frictionless Integration with Google Workspace
  • Interoperable with other meeting solutions
  • Works in all devices


An interoperable cloud-based video conferencing platform itself, BlueJeans connects numerous platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex. Interestingly, BlueJeans' indiscrimination of software, platforms and technology leads back to the reason for its name, "video conferencing is as comfortable and as casual as your pair of jeans".
Some of BlueJeans’ features includes, but not limited to:
  • Ability to compile a short highlight reel of a meeting
  • Custom interface branding
  • Connect H.323/SIP room systems


Using purpose-built DSP technology to develop Multipoint Control Units (MCU) was the industry standard for video communication before Pexip’s arrival. It is both expensive and limited in scale, unable to entice mass adoption of video communication unlike today. This is all thanks to Pexip’s innovative method of substituting the hardware with software, designing the MCUs that not only matches previous ways, but also opens opportunities for new inventive services.
Some of Pexip’s features includes, but not limited to:
  • Unique Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC)
  • Direct Peering from your office to the Pexip Service
  • Interoperable with most video conference platform
Explore Personal Workstation

Explore Personal Workstation

Productivity can easily be increased when the right tools are implemented for the work. Not to forget, employee job satisfaction increases when the company works on their growth. For a win-win situation, check out our personal workstation recommendations!

Explore Hybrid Working

Hybrid working is the harmony of in-office and out-of office work arrangement. In fact, it is one of the most cost-saving implementation where real estate cost can be massively cut down. Learn more about how you can enable an effective Hybrid arrangement with our booking systems!

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