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Zoom Room

Meet over a device so revolutionary that it feels like a Face-to-Face meeting. Zoom Rooms provide a cutting-edge solution for hybrid teams, offering high-definition video collaboration in any setting – be it the office, classroom, or remote location. With its ease of starting meetings, booking rooms, and sharing content, Zoom Rooms deliver the ideal conference room experience.

The Mission of Zoom Room

To provide an effortless and effective video conferencing solution for meeting spaces and conference rooms. The aim is to enable teams to collaborate and communicate seamlessly, regardless of location or device. The ultimate goal is to improve the overall collaboration and communication experience for businesses and teams.

Reasons to Invest:

Workspace Reservation

Workspace Reservation

Users can book open desks or personalize workspaces with Zoom devices, making it easy to manage and modernize workspaces.

Room Scheduling

Room Scheduling

Make bookings easy by streamlining the process of room booking while providing real-time information on occupancy, ongoing meetings, and upcoming reservations.

Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist

Interact with people in real-time with personalized touchpoints. The display can be branded to align with the setting and purpose for a seamless experience.

Smart Gallery

Smart Gallery

AI optimized single-camera view of multiple in-room participants improves the face-to-face interaction between remote and in-room participants.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

For free, you get to share information in the form of images, videos, and URLs on any display network for a consistent message!

Zoom Workspaces, easy-peasy!

Say goodbye to manual room booking processes and hello to effortless, organized workspace management with Zoom Workspace Reservation. An efficient solution for modern office environments. It allows teams to reserve flexible workspaces ahead of time, whether it’s an open desk or a personalized Zoom device. With its ease of use and management, it modernizes your workspaces and enhances productivity.

One without friction

With features such as Workspace Reservation and Kiosk mode, employees can easily book and reserve workspaces ahead of time, no matter where they are. This exponentially increases productivity and collaboration! Additionally, its integration with Zoom Rooms allows for seamless video conferencing and collaboration between remote and in-person employees.

Zoom Phone, elevate your call!

Make and receive calls using internet connection instead of a traditional phone line! Featuring call forwarding, voicemail, call recording, and integration with other Zoom products. Zoom Phone can be used on a variety of devices, including computers, mobile phones, and desk phones!

Don’t miss important information!

Easily access Zoom Phone via your desktop or your mobile devices with your Zoom account and start having the easiest meeting call of your life. There are tons of benefits including one of the favourites – elevating calls to meeting; seamlessly pop the call from your phone over to a Video Zoom meeting on a laptop without ending the call nor requiring participants to manually join!

Elevate to Meeting

Sharing of visual information over a call can be accomplished simply through transitioning the phone call to a fully-featured Zoom Meeting without requiring participants to manually join.

Application Integrations

Value adding to your core solutions, the Zoom Phone application can be connected to your Slack and Salesforce solution, with more integration to come!

Effortless Supervision

Trainings for service providers need not be a tedious task. Deploy the classic call recording with features like listening, whispering, barge and takeover when the rookie faces difficulties.

Centralised Management

Assign, provision and manage the multiple devices through Zoom’s Administrative Portal. Users can also leverage on Auto Attendants to define unlimited call routings!

Explore Personal Workstation

Productivity can easily be increased when the right tools are implemented for the work. Not to forget, employee job satisfaction increases when the company works on their growth. For a win-win situation, check out our personal workstation recommendations!

Explore Hybrid Working

Hybrid working is the harmony of in-office and out-of office work arrangement. In fact, it is one of the most cost-saving implementation where real estate cost can be massively cut down. Learn more about how you can enable an effective Hybrid arrangement with our booking systems!

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